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Professor Patrick McGhee is the CBT Group Lead Supervisor and BABCP-accredited therapist. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a National Teaching Fellow. He is the author of Thinking Psychologically and co-editor of Accounting for Relationships.


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When are the sessions? We are curently offering places on our Wednesday and Thursday Group Supervision sessions (NB All both of our Monday Groups and the Tuesday group are now Sold Out).

What are the aims of the group supervision meetings?

The aims are to enable supervisees to receive supportive, focused and practical feedback from lead supervisor and peers. Additionally, to provide the opportunity to develop practical clinical insight and skills through the opportunity to give feedback to others. The group supervision meetings also provide an opportunity to discuss key themes of clinical relevance such as ethics, confidentiality, note-keeping and managing risk.

What are the ground rules for the sessions?

a. We will respect Confidentiality of supervisees, supervisor and clients.
b. Respect for who and where we are as individuals and practitioners.
c. To be constructive and supportive in feedback at all times.
d. To accept constructive and supportive feedback at all times.
e. To adhere to the Supervisee / Supervisor agreement at all times (see Appendix)
f. Treat others with courtesy – eg sticking to allotted time slots; turning up on time; doing preparation for session; normally keeping cameras on etc.

How many people will be in the group?
There will be a maximum of 6 people in the group plus the Lead Supervision Professor Patrick McGhee. You will receive feedback, comments, guidance and ideas regarding the cases you present as well as general support from peer supervisees and Professor McGhee. Each supervisee will bring one or two cases to each meeting for discussion. We will provide each supervisee with a template to use to help organise thoughts and secure the most useful feedback.

What modalities are covered?

The focus will be on CBT, but include Mindfulness, Compassion, Positive Psychology and Metacognitive principles. This will include supervision in relation to individual clients and to couples counselling.

Would this group benefit me for accreditation within the BABCP?
Yes. We have it in writing from the Chief Accreditation Officer at the BABCP   Helen Macdonald that “You can count all time spent in group supervision providing the group has no more than six members. Group supervision will be facilitated by one regular supervisor and all group members must present their own material regularly. You must have an opportunity for individual supervision should it be needed, or quickly available alternative supervision, e.g. advice in a crisis situation.
You must check the arrangements for your professional body in relation to group supervision.

Would I be doing supervision with accredited therapists?

Professor McGhee, the Lead Supervisor is fully accredited by the BABCP.  The majority of supervisees (and sometimes all supervisees) are fully qualified, and registered and accredited with their professional body (usually BABCP)

What format do the sessions take?

A typical format would be as follows:

Welcome and HousekeepingPMG
Supervisee Check-in (how are we all?)All
Supervision Topic of the WeekPMG
Presentation and Discussion of 1 or 2 cases per supervisee (15 Minutes for each supervisee)All
Review of the Supervision issues arising in Session, Next Steps and ClosePMG & All
 Next Session: 17:30, 23 August 2021

How much are the sessions?

The fee for four x two-hour sessions is £280. This works out at £35 per hour.

What is in the Group Supervision Contract and New Group Supervisee form?

The Group Supervision Contract / New Group Supervisee form is as follows:

Supervisee Name*

Today’s Date*

Supervisee mobile number (needed for secure 2-factor authentication on some communications)*

Email address*

My qualifications with dates in counselling are as follows:*

I am accredited by the following professional bodies (please give registration numbers) If none, type ‘none’.*

I am a member of the following professional bodies (please give membership numbers)*

I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance



I am competent to carry out counselling and psychotherapy.*



I adhere to the code of ethics of my professional bodies listed above. *



I do not have any unspent criminal convictions or civil actions or investigations, pending against me.*

This statement is true 

This statement is false

I am eligible to work in the UK *



The Group Supervision Contract Agreement

This is an agreement between the Supervisee named above and Professor Patrick McGhee and other supervisees in the group.

Frequency of Meetings – approximately Monthly

Duration of supervision session – 120 minutes

Rights and Responsibilities of both parties

1. Supervisor Rights

a. To bring concerns/issues about Supervisee’s work.

b. To question Supervisee about his/her work and workload.

c. To give Supervisee constructive feedback on his/her work performance.

d. To review Supervisee’s practice and to propose supportive / corrective action as required.

2. Supervisor Responsibilities

a. To uphold ethical guidelines and professional standards.

b. To make sure supervision sessions happen as agreed and to keep a record of the meeting.

c. To ensure that each Supervisee is clear about their roles and responsibilities.

d. To treat all disucssions confidentially

3. Supervisee Rights:

a. To present client cases

b. To receive feedback from Supervisor and Supervisees

c. To ask questions

d. To challenge ideas and guidance in a constructive way.

e. To be treated with respect and dignity

4. Supervisee Responsibilities:

a. To uphold ethical guidelines and professional standards;

b. To be prepared to discuss client cases with the aid of written case notes and / or video / audio tapes;

c. To be preapared to justify diagnoses, interventions, approaches and techniques used;

d. To be open to change and use alternate methods of practice as appropriate;

e. To provide balanced, fair and supportive feedback to other supervisees

f.. To treat other supervisees with respect and to be inclusive in approach.

g. To treat all disucssions confidentially

We agree, to the best of our ability, to uphold the guidelines specified in this supervision contract and to manage the supervision and supervisory process according to the ethical principles of the relevant professional bodies.

I have read the Supervision Contract Agreement and agree to it*



Starting Date of this Agreement *

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