Individual Supervision with Practical CBT

What does individual supervision with Practical CBT involve?

We pride ourselves on practical, evidence-based supervision drawing on the latest findings and effective protocols. Our supervision is compassionate, supportive and individualised.

Who provides the supervision?

Our lead supervisor is Professor Patrick McGhee, FRSA, C Psychol, BABCP. He is an experienced individual and group supervisor. Supervision is practical and supportive and yet also challenging. If you want to become a better CBT therapist then supervision from Practical CBT will help you achieve that goal.

Are there additional support resources?

Supervision sessions are often followed up with extensive resources and references to help you make the best decisions in the interest of your clients.

Am I committed to a long contract which I might not be able to afford or get out of ?

No. Absolutely not. You pay on a session by session basis. We only ask that if you want to bring the supervision arrangement to an end that you have a final closure and completion session to review and reflect on your experience of supervision.

How much are the sessions?

Each 1 hour session is £90.

How much are the annual supervisor reports to the BABCP?

They are free.

How much are job references?

They are also free.

How much are CTS-R assessments?

They are £120 each per 50 minute session recording.

What do I do if I want to sign up?

Please email Professor McGhee on practicalcbt AT

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